How Serving Customers is Easier with CUBE’s Technology, Custom Tools, and Software

Have you ever daydreamed about different things you could do to make serving your customers easier? (If you haven’t, I bet you are now!)

Maybe it is something simple that you haven’t implemented yet. Or maybe you have a big, lofty idea that you have no idea how you’d put it in place… and this is where we, CUBE, thrive.

At our core, we are problem solvers who like building cool stuff. We get excited to help others while making cool stuff!

Have you ever been to a restaurant and studied the menu for a chicken salad only to discover they didn’t have a chicken salad? They had a chicken sandwich (with lettuce!) on their menu and buttermilk ranch for another menu item. Even though they had all the ingredients, they wouldn’t let you order a chicken salad because it wasn’t on the menu. We are not like that restaurant. We offer specific tools that we know would be useful to many, but that doesn’t mean you can’t order things not listed on the menu. We have the ingredients to support you. We can customize our tools and software to meet your needs.

image of hands holding puzzle pieces close to each other
mix and match custom tools to suit your specific needs

If we were to list off all the ways we have done this, it would be a wall of text. But, here is a shortlist of technologies we utilize and some problems we have solved with customized solutions. We hope this might help you to see the possibilities and get your creative juices flowing…remember, the answer is yes, we can do that:

Technologies we utilize

Industrial IoT, Telecom and business system integrations, VoIP, SIP & Media Servers, Background Music, Mobile integrations, Custom Messaging applications, Audio Marketing Content Delivery Platform, AI and Voice Response Systems, and more!

The types of customer problems we have solved

  • provided a solution to instantly create, modify, and deliver content simultaneously to multiple store locations, and to both traditional and VoIP phone systems.
  • reduced abandon calls by: providing engaging and interactive in-queue experiences, and by enabling customers to initiate agent web chats, text messages, or email while they wait to speak to a live agent
  • integrating in-store and phone system content and metrics with existing business and POS systems
  • improve in-store sales results and metrics for bespoke retailers who typically have customers waiting in-store for the opportunity to engage with a sales specialist
  • collecting valuable real-time customer service and product feedback from customers while they wait on hold to connect to a live agent and, much more

So what is it that you want to do? The answer is yes. We want to help you.