Retailers and Hospitality Business

Want to be more meaningful to your customers? Engage them better? Connect your in-store & on-line experiences?

Music Like You've Never Heard Before

Looking for the easiest, most affordable and reliable business music service?

CUBE: The Service Provider Platform of Choice

Relied upon by world-leading service providers and music suppliers, and the major brands they serve

CUBE: delivering millions of customer interactions

CUBE delivers digital brand experiences for major brands and content providers, in over 50 countries: in-store, on-line, social media, mobile, and on the phone.

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Looking for an easy, affordable, legal business background music solution?

Are you a business looking for the easiest background music solution that is affordable, simple to use, fully legal and 100% reliable without hogging your internet bandwidth? With tons of professionally curated music AND complete ability to listen to what you want to?

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Looking to CUBE for your audio marketing, music supplier, signage, on-hold or social media business?

You’re an audio marketing provider or music supplier interested in using the CUBE platform to help you deliver unique audio and digital experiences. With CUBE, you can work with an industry-leading platform provider to create services that put you ahead of your competitors.

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Looking to improve engagement with your retail or hospitality customers across all channels?

You are a retailer or hospitality business that recognizes the need to engage your customers across all touch-points. You need a technology partner that can work with you to create unique and memorable moments for your customers, putting yourself ahead of your competitors.

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Major Brands in Over 50 Countries. Thousands of Venues. Millions of Customer Interactions.

CUBE is how retail and hospitality businesses, audio-visual marketing service providers and music suppliers, all deliver engaging customer experiences wherever the customers are: in-store, on-line or even on-hold.

CUBE can deliver audio, music, digital signage, social media interaction, and more, in ways that delight your customers and amplify your brand both on-line and in-venue.