How Our Customer Engagement Strategy Works

CUBE, the Leading In-Store Audio And Video Platform Releases its On Site Smartphone Control Panel.

The new CUBE SiteMC allows you adjust in-store audio, video and digital brand experiences ‘on the fly’ from any tablet, smartphone or browser.

image of a staff member changing the music and digital signage in the store in real-time from their mobile device
Customer Engagement Strategy in action with CUBE SiteMC

Online PR News – 29-November-2016 – Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and Richmond, VA, USA –

After extensive consultation with Businesses and Audio Marketing Professionals, CUBE by Exponential Solutions is proud to launch SiteMC. With SiteMC, Store Managers can rapidly adjust their CUBE in-store experience from any smartphone, tablet or desktop.

image of a man using a smartphone

A Customer Engagement Strategy that Puts You in Control

Retail, hospitality and other service-related businesses can switch out music programmes, or interact with in-store campaigns, while also controlling a variety of CUBE features and settings. This capability allows authorized personnel in a venue quickly to fine-tune their in-store music and brand campaigns to best match the type of visitors at any given time.

It extends beyond traditional approaches like day-parting, bringing a whole new level of fluidity. CUBE SiteMC continues to differentiate leading Audio Marketing Providers and Music Suppliers who rely on the CUBE platform to deliver the best audio, video and digital brand solutions for their business customers.

Our clients regularly tell us that nothing in the industry can touch the CUBE’s overall reliability, level of security and best-in-class messaging and brand campaign engines. Its solid-state system is extremely powerful, sleekly designed, and utilizes minimal space and energy,

says Charl Coetzee, CTO of Exponential Solutions Inc.

Image of a broweser-based control panel on a smartphone

Take Control of Your Digital Engagement Strategy Today

CUBE SiteMC is extremely easy to set up and use, since it requires no mobile app to be installed and works with any mobile browser. When you first connect your CUBE, you can simply scan its QR code or bookmark its serial number. This automatically connects you to SiteMC for your unit, which then enables local control within your own local network. With a couple of clicks, you can change music playlists, block certain artists and songs, mix up the audio content, or interact with your digital brand campaigns, including changing out digital signage content.

Depending on service level, you can even listen in ‘live’ to your locations from a smartphone while you’re on the road.

CUBE’s combination of powerful remote management tools, real-time delivery and local control over the full audio and digital brand experience, ensures that each venue can deliver the most engaging experience to their visitors, at any given moment, with minimum effort.

image with icons representing the easy customer engagment tools offered by CUBE SiteMC

The release of SiteMC follows on the heels of CUBE’s powerful Music Blending tools and CUBE’s Tourmaline OS release. Music Blending lets you quickly create and deliver more richly textured music blends than ever before, to suit the preferences of any audience. CUBE’s Tourmaline OS introduced a powerful suite of new ground-breaking features, including the ability to listen in remotely to any unit in the field, enhanced integration with external and video systems, enhanced PCI scan compliance, and advanced player level diagnostics including mobile and talking diagnostics.

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