Solution Story: Customer Engagement Solution (CUBEngage)

Published on Jan 31, 2023

ABSTRACT: Customer Engagement Solution captures prospect data, engages and educates clients, digitizes forms, and improves sales productivity.


Good Feet helps people suffering from foot and back pain to get back into activities they are passionate about to improve the quality of their lives. Good Feet’s unique personalized fitting process requires substantial consultation with each in-store customer. While this process is a key differentiator, the reality is that stores can lose prospective customers who are not fully engaged while they wait for a sales consultant.

A Good Feet franchise with multiple locations was looking for solutions to the following problems:

a way to keep people engaged while waiting for the sales consultant.

  • gather information from prospects.
  • digitize their forms. Paper-based forms had to be processed, which took time for the sales consultants.
  • improve sales productivity.

After listening to the Good Feet franchise owner and staff and exploring the issues they were having, we offered a solution we thought might meet their needs with a Customer Engagement Solution we called “CUBEngage.”

example of the application suite customers are invited to First, the application offers orientation to the user.

This Customer Engagement Solution (CUBEngage) holds an application suite, and customers are invited to engage this application through iPads. When customers come to the store they can fill out their information, and then watch video content and testimonials personalized to their specific questions and needs. The Customer Engagement Solution provided these solutions:

  • Digitized the form process, saving time for sales consultants.
  • Kept people engaged, and educated them, while they were waiting for a sales consultant.
  • Gathered information from prospects which ultimately…
  • Improved sales productivity.

example of client engaging with application suite The application suite learns about the user in order to show them content (testimonials, etc) specifically tailored to their needs.

This solution was initially introduced to two locations and they both saw success from implementing the Customer Engagement Solution, so it was expanded to other locations.

Now, with the Customer Engagement Solution implemented, customer data is immediately captured digitally, automatically shared with the POS system, and automatically available for automated personalized email follow-ups aimed at converting prospective customers, all without losing the personal connection with the sales consultant. As sales consultants now have to do less work behind the scenes, they can spend more direct time with prospects.

With real-time in-store sales analytics, management can now analyze and improve sales conversion rates by individual consultants, determine and fix conversion obstacles, and even pinpoint the specific demographics (age, gender, lifestyle, etc.) for buyers and non-buyers.


When asked, “What benefits are you seeing from our CUBEngage product with your business and helping that with your clients?” Here’s what Good Feet store owner Jonathan Cotten had to say:

Being able to tell our story effectively is really important. Whether its the music that you hear when you come into the store, whether its the in-store video, even to the degree of as we are able to connect with people and manage that relationship, it allows us to continue to tell our story. So, it’s not a static one-time type of event. It’s really an ongoing integrated type of process and the CUBE platform helps us do that.

View the full Interview with Good Feet store owner Jonathan Cotten:

CUBE: Behind the Scenes at Good Feet

You can get an idea of how we are integrated behind the scenes at Good Feet in this video:

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