The Back-End: How to make my 'On Hold' sound smart using CUBE.fusion

Published on Dec 4, 2020

When your callers are placed on hold they do not have to listen to elevator music or irritating messages that play from the beginning each time. Having an amazing caller experience has never been easier… it’s become smart!

We have created Fusion to help you give your callers a delightful caller experience. Dial 833-944-1110 to hear it for yourself… be sure to answer with your voice when it asks you a question… smart, right?

Here’s how it works on the back-end:

Create Content

  • Easy - All you need to get started is any voice file.

  • You can drag and drop the voice file into our platform.

  • Add music or not to the file, it’s up to you.

There is an entire industry dedicated to creating meaningful and professional music and message content. We already work with most of the professionals in the industry. We can either work with you or your provider.

Schedule Your Content

You can select when certain messages begin to play, and when those messages stop. You can change that at any time.

Arrange Your Content

Callers don’t have to listen to messages repeat from the beginning each time. You can have an introduction message, and then design in what order you’d like to have your messages play. So if they end up calling you several times, they will hear the next message in the order you’ve arranged.

Caller Behavior Trends Reported

You will receive a report that will help you understand your caller behavior. With this information, you can continue improving your on-hold caller experience.

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