The Heart and Brains Behind Smart Hold

You put your business’s phone number on everything - your “contact us” page, your business cards, mailers, and maybe even on the back of your vehicle. You are confident that anyone calling is going to receive fantastic customer service.

But what happens once they dial your number? Are you excited about what your callers will hear? Or does it make you cringe a little bit inside?

Two strangers had a conversation about improving every caller’s experience when they call a business. They hated hearing messages repeated over and over. They hated the fuzzy, classical music on loop. They hated how complicated it was, as business owners, to update their messaging. They hated that no one seemed to be doing anything about it - and they agreed - there has to be a smarter way to do on-hold! Now there is, and we call it Smart Hold. Smart Hold is the new Smart way to have your customers Hold.

image of a woman talking on her smartphone
It is time to get excited about what your callers will experience on hold!

What is Smart Hold?

Imagine customization where all the hard work happens automatically, delivering delight to your callers. Here are some examples of what Smart Hold can do:

Smart Hold technology recognizes your caller’s time zone and can greet them (“Good morning”).

Callers don’t hear messages start from the beginning each time.

Smart Hold can randomize messages or play unheard messages for repeat callers to make sure a repeat caller won’t keep hearing the same messages repeatedly.

Callers can select their Music Genre.

You don’t have to make them listen to the fuzzy and dull on-hold music. AND you don’t have to spend time creating playlists, guessing what you think they will like. Let callers decide what they’d like to hear!

image of a man dancing whilst listening to his smartphone with earphones
With Smart Hold, callers can choose to listen to music they enjoy.

Callers can pick their language.

Customers don’t have to listen to both, and CUBE will remember what they chose all through the call journey.

Callers can participate in surveys.

Get ready for the data! Keep callers entertained, or follow up the call with a survey to keep improving your phone calls or services.

These reports can help you recognize caller trends such as average hold time per phone number or department, call volumes on specific weekdays, and certain times of the day.

Callers can - while on hold - place orders, ask questions, get answers, be recognized by a database lookup, and get targeted information.

Smart hold can be a basic implementation, or it can be a turnkey, custom experience for your caller.

image of a smiling man holding a laptop whilst talking on his phone
Smart Hold can help your callers have a productive interaction while on hold.


You can call our demo number to experience Smart Hold yourself. Just dial 1-833-944-1110.

What are CUBE’s hopes with Smart Hold?

Smart Hold is a way to show your callers YOU care about THEIR time. It is no secret that picking up the phone and calling a business can quickly become a frustrating endeavor. You spend time in so many areas to showcase your excellent customer service, so don’t forget to tend to what callers will first hear when they call you.

Smart Hold can transition from when a caller first dials in, to the moment when the right someone says “hello!” - it’s a consistently engaging experience.

Smart Hold makes it easier for you to cross-sell and upsell to your current or potential customers. Smart Hold makes it easy to communicate important information to all callers, Like health updates, closures, or re-openings!

Who thought of Smart Hold?

Charl, a brilliant electronics engineer who has spent the last 20 years hands-on with high-tech implementations: from mobile phone accessory development to advanced audio DSP systems, from telephone network routing platforms to transit announcements systems. During this time, he’s founded multiple companies, born from his life-long fascination with connecting things to create powerful new applications, with CUBE being the culmination.

What led Charl to create Smart Hold?

Meeting Chester! As a serial entrepreneur, Chester’s interaction with CUBE began with installing and managing CUBEs across North America for his own company. He came to believe in CUBE so much that he partnered with CUBE’s parent company ESI, to create the US-based distribution arm of CUBE, which ESI later acquired. His experience allows Chester to lead the Field Engineering team at CUBE, including logistics, client demos, onboarding webinars, and training. Having worked in network support and customer service, Chester is fluent in both ’network-speak’ and standard English. Chester and Charl, no longer strangers, now laugh when reminiscing about how the idea for Smart Hold came about and how this shared passion has led them into years of working together.

Are you feeling excited about what your callers will hear whenever they call you? We hope so.