CUBE releases the industry’s most powerful and easy to use music blending and separation tools.

CUBE the world’s leading platform for the management & delivery of music on hold and in store music solutions releases the industry’s most powerful and easy to use Music Blending and Separation Tools.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and Richmond, VA, USA

Audio Marketing Professionals and Music Suppliers can now easily blend an unlimited number of music playlists and take advantage of built-in separation capabilities to ensure delivery of the best music experience, with minimal repetition of song titles and artists.

Effective March 18, 2016, Following months of consultation with Audio Marketing Professionals, Exponential Solutions officially launches its new Music Blending and Separation Tools. Service providers who use the CUBE platform can now provide their clients with a consistent and engaging music blend, regardless of the music supplier they happen to use. “The tool is very easy to use, but also extremely powerful - you just choose your playlists and slide the percentage bar to setup the blend of each playlist. The rest, including the separation of similar artists and tracks, happens automatically” says Chester Hull, owner of Prosound Business Media, Inc.

Several music suppliers have integrated their music libraries to the industry’s leading CUBE platform. CUBE’s Music Blending and Separation tools minimize the resources and costs music suppliers typically expend to do proper music blending and separation. And, by improving the client’s overall music experience, this also drives more music library sales.

“It is relatively easy for music suppliers to integrate their libraries to the CUBE platform - most of the work is on our end. CUBE’s combination of powerful management tools and real-time delivery of music and messaging provides our music suppliers with numerous advantages over any of their competitors. Our clients regularly tell us that nothing in the industry can touch the CUBE’s overall reliability, level of security and best-in-class messaging engine. Its solid-state system is extremely powerful, sleekly designed, and utilizes minimal space and energy”

says Charl Coetzee, CTO, Exponential Solutions Inc

The release of CUBE’s Music Blending tool closely follows the release of CUBE’s Tourmaline OS, which brought a powerful suite of new functionality, including the ability to listen in remotely to any unit in the field, enhanced PCI scan compliance, and advanced player level diagnostics such as mobile and talking diagnostics.

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