We create connected things to better the customer experience.

CUBE background

CUBE is the world's most advanced and future-proof delivery platform for digital customer experiences: in-store, on-line and on-hold. In 2011 we started out by listening to, and addressing the needs of world-leading MOH and In-Store service providers and content libraries, with the result that today CUBE installations span over 60 countries across multiple applications. CUBE clients manage and update their sites from anywhere in the world, even in real time, allowing them to run their businesses from anywhere as they wish. CUBE's open design talks to multiple music services, mobile apps, web apps, signage systems, database systems, POSs, social media networks, and more. This flexibility allows retailers and hospitality businesses to deliver uniquely meaningful brand experiences, service providers to respond to new competitive opportunities, and strategic partners to develop groundbreaking applications.

Going back to 2003, our team has developed extensive experience in MOH, Audio Messaging, Telecom, Internetworking, IT and IoT, AI, and have gained a global reputation for solving difficult technical problems. We've provided innovative solutions in a number of areas, including: mobile phone accessory development, embedded telecom and transportation systems, inertial navigation and routing algorithms, and even benefit administration and billing platforms for the health care industry.

The Core CUBE Team

Charl from CUBE

Charl Coetzee - CEO / CTO

Charl is an electronics engineer who has spent the last 20 years hands-on with high-tech implementations: from mobile phone accessory development to advanced audio DSP systems, from telephone network routing platforms to transit announcements systems. During this time he's founded multiple companies, born from his life-long fascination with connecting things together to create powerful new applications, with CUBE being the culmination. Charl also plays several musical instruments and is heavily involved with his local musical community and the orchestras of Canada's BC interior.

Weldon from CUBE

Weldon Stogsdill - Chief Collaboration Officer

As the Chief Collaboration Officer, Weldon Stogsdill heads up CUBE's sales office in the US and abroad. Weldon is a seasoned sales professional with an extensive sales background in organizations such as CloudBees, IBM Systems, and Trend Micro. Throughout his sales career, Weldon has consistently been a top sales performer. He has opened up new markets and worked with high profile clients such as NASA, the Department of Commerce, and Capitol Hill.

Chester from CUBE

Chester Hull - VP Operations & Customer Experience

As a serial entrepreneur, Chester's interaction with CUBE began with installing and managing CUBEs across North America for his own company. He came to believe in CUBE so much that he partnered with CUBE's parent company ESI, to create the US-based distribution arm of CUBE, which ESI later acquired. His experience allows Chester to lead the Field Engineer team at CUBE, including logistics, client demos, on-boarding webinars, and training. Having worked in network support as well as customer service, Chester is fluent in both "network-speak" and normal english. When he's not working, you'll find Chester with his family biking, climbing, hiking, or volunteering with the Blue Ridge Mountain Rescue Group.

Weldon from CUBE

Bertus van der Linden - Technical Development & Support Director

Bertus contributes both to CUBE firmware as well as being our resident guru for our backend and server operations. Besides the CUBE backend, our technologies also process millions of dollars worth of transactions for the health insurance industry in Canada - using a server technology platform jointly developed by Charl and Bertus.

Weldon from CUBE

Nolene Van Der Linden - Product Manager

Nolene comes to CUBE from the Oil and Gas sector with extensive Supply Chain experience ranging from procurement and contracts negotiation to supplier performance management and business process design. With a passion for continuous improvement, process excellence and overall customer satisfaction, Nolene drives the Revolution Music service at CUBE. She enjoys gardening and cooking and loves good karaoke in her free time.

Weldon from CUBE

Jennifer Condrey - Marketing Manager

After completing her business (marketing) degree, Jennifer began working for Allianz Travel Insurance, the world's largest and #1 rated travel insurance company. While there, Jennifer managed their highly successful blog and newsletter, where she researched customer behavior and led the creation of content that drove significant new business growth. Jennifer has a passion for understanding customer behavior, and since 2018 she has diligently applied her skills to support numerous successful marketing initiatives at CUBE.

Weldon from CUBE

Jennifer Condrey - Frontend Software Developer, Web and Graphic Design

Lea has nurtured a lifelong interest in the relationship between creativity, design, logical thinking and problem solving. Coming from a background in illustration and graphic design, she found her passion in creative coding, ultimately applying herself to web design and front-end development where these concepts converge. Other fields of enthusiasm for Lea include multiple genres of music and art, spending time in nature, animals, good nutrition, mental health advocacy and social upliftment.

Weldon from CUBE

Steve Hashman - Adviser, Organizational Development & Strategy

For over 30 years, Steve has been managing business development at CUBE, and product development and marketing initiatives for high tech and telecoms companies, both in Canada and in locations across the globe. For example, he led product development for the most successful 3rd mobile operator startup in Eastern Europe, and he led both product management & strategy development in the Caribbean region for LIME Caribbean. Steve is passionate about creating innovative products. Steve is an expert downhill skier, loves to cycle and kayak, and holds a second-degree black belt.

The core CUBE team is supported behind the scenes by our international team members working support, operations and administration.

Team Experience Summary

  • Numerous years of embedded firmware development on various products, including core audio playback, mixing and DSP engines, advanced algorithms in signal processing and pattern recognition, IoT, AI, and development of entire systems architectures.
  • Extensive international product development, product management and marketing experience in the telecom and high tech sectors (USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and Latin America)

Team Success Highlights

  • Worldwide transit announcement deployments (Chicago Metra, Paris Metro, Korea, Canada, UK, etc).
  • Inertial navigation algorithms for announcer motion, DSP, and failover VoIP solutions with multicast live announcements.
  • Complete development and platform operations in the health insurance industry that manages benefits, and processes health insurance claims, for over 50,000 employees and dependents, including billing and settlement solutions.
  • Preferred supplier status for several of the leading MOH and Content Providers in the world.
  • High-profile CUBE installations for Harrods, Wembley Stadium, Hilton Hotels, etc.
  • CUBE installations now span over 60 countries; there are thousands of installations and CUBE is used by leading service providers and music suppliers worldwide

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