3 Limits to Traditional Broadworks MOH & How to Fix Them

1. Repeated Messages

Has this ever happened to you? You call the doctor to ask about a test result and the front desk puts you on hold for the Nurse.

“Thanks for calling the office Dr. Hildebrand, we specialize in….”

The nurse picks up and says, “I’m sorry your files are still in radiology. Let me check and see when we can expect that.” Back on hold.

“Thanks for calling the office Dr. Hildebrand, we specialize in osteopathic and….”

Nurse again…. “well, they say they sent it, let me see if the Doctor has it”. Back on hold again.

“Thanks for calling the office Dr. Hildebrand, we specialize in osteopathic and orthopedic treatments stemming from….”

You never got to hear the whole message! This experience is common for anyone who has ever called into a Broadworks backed phone system. The message starts from the beginning every single time you get put on hold. There can only be one message per account.

The Fix for Repeated Messages

One of the advantages of CUBE.fusion for BroadWorks is being able to have multiple messages for on-hold. Having multiple scripts will allow you to cross-sell, educate, and engage with customers. We can provide you with scripts, voice-overs, and planning on our end so that you can focus on what you do best.

But what good is a great message if the quality isn’t good?

2. Poor Sound Quality

Have you heard the sound of HD? I want my music to sound high def and stereo. I like my movies in 4K, too. Higher quality experiences continue to get better both in Audio and Visual. Well, except for phone calls (unless you’re using FaceTime Audio – which uses HD voice).

Traditional Broadworks systems don’t sound great with music on hold. Why? Codec optimization. Broadworks software is an enterprise, multi-tenant system. It’s made to handle a ton of voice traffic. The thing that negotiates with other systems on what kind of language to speak is called a codec. And the Broadsoft Codec is optimized for voice efficiency. Unfortunately, that’s not great for the quality of on-hold programs and music.

CUBE for Broadworks will fix the bad sound quality of your Broadworks on hold system
Poor sound quality with Broadworks on-hold systems may displease callers, but with CUBE for Broadworks you can now have crystal clear on hold content on your Broadworks system!

The Fix for Poor Sound Quality

The good news about CUBE.fusion for BroadWorks is that we take care of those details for you. We have the technical abilities and advanced tools to be able to provide your callers with crystal clear messages and music.

3. On-Hold Options

Broadworks runs about 50-80% of the world’ Telecoms. Verizon, Vonage, Cox, Charter, AT&T, Nextiva, Mitel, Shaw, Bell, Century Link, Frontier, Level 3, TelMex, Vodaphone, BT, Orange, Telstra… I can keep going for another 800+ names.

Like most people, I know what I want and how I want it most of the time. Why else do we have 7 different flavors of Catsup at the grocery store? Why is it then that I’m willing to cede control to phone companies what I listen to on hold? Can I pick music and maybe even what kind of music? How about news stories or even trivia games, or wait for it… even blessed silence if I so choose.

Well, you can’t do that in a Broadworks environment

explore your options for better Broadworks on hold content
CUBE for Broadworks helps business owners, music on hold providers and telecom companies provide amazing on hold options to callers.

The Fix for On-Hold Options

You as the business owner, MOH provider, or even telecom company can provide incredible options to your callers without any involvement from Broadworks, the telecom company. Zero development or coding, just choosing what kind of content options you want to provide.

Let us help you create a productive, and memorable caller experience.