Digital Trends : Understanding and Targeting the ‘Always-On’ Consumer

The way we live has changed and we are now living in a digital world.

The divide between the digital and physical worlds is becoming increasingly blurry. People are now connected 24/7 meaning companies have the potential to target consumers on a more consistent basis. It essentially gives marketers an opportunity to target potential consumers every minute of the day. The battle for marketers lies in understanding when and how these consumers want to be targeted.

The interesting thing is that consumers are aware companies benefit from their data and they are willing to part with it as long as certain conditions are met. The younger generation are happy to part with their data with 61% of people under 35 willing to part with their data for something in return. Moreover, 48% of consumers want companies to send them products that they would be interested in buying based on this information.

However, people do not want to be bombarded with an endless stream of information and they expect companies to know precisely when/how to target them. It can be difficult for companies to follow an effective strategy for targeting the ‘Always-On’ consumer on terms the consumer can understand.

The five key demands of the ‘Always-On’ consumer aim to offer some clarity for companies who are having difficulty navigating this potentially murky water of dealing effectively with the ‘Always-On’ consumer.

This info-graphic from The Cube explains how consumers are changing, how companies need to communicate with them, and identifies the key demands that need to be considered when interacting with the ‘Always-On’ consumer.

an infographic explaining the latest digital trends to target consumers effectively