Free Report: Are you Short-Changing your Audio Marketing / Point-of-Contact Business?

Three Critical Characteristics to Demand from Your Equipment – Does Yours Stack Up?

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Is your equipment condemned?

There is a common maxim that says: If you keep doing the same things as always, how can you get better results? Whenever you buy units, are they condemned to stay exactly as they were when you bought them – or can they grow with you, adapt to your evolving needs, and help you grow your business in ways you never could before?

Can you just “drop it in?”

… or do you first have to jump through endless hoops? Can you use either network or USB? Do you need to worry about servers, data centers or backups? Are you locked in to proprietary cloud-based storage, or can you switch it out at any time in future if you wanted that degree of control? Do you have to install cumbersome software? Are you limited in whether or not you can use PC, Mac or Linux? Could you use a tablet computer? Could it talk to your backoffice systems?

Is it wasting, or saving, time?

Is your equipment wasting your staff’s time with hard-to-use software? How easy is it to set up? When things go wrong, what tools are available to diagnose problems, and how readily can your vendor help you out and fix things for you remotely?

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