CUBE is all about UPTIME for your business

What words strike fear and loathing into business owners, management and IT staff everywhere?

Down time. Outage. We’re down. The internet is down….

The alternate is uptime.

Uptime means your staff at full strength, and systems at optimum levels. Uptime leads to you effectively executing your game plan for maximum customer satisfaction and thus maximum revenue extraction. Rinse and repeat because good customer satisfaction creates that wonderful repeat customer metric that helps the accounting records stay in the black and the growth rate have hockey stick angles.

Music uptime, the lack of silence

If this is important to you; for instance, your business cannot tolerate there being no music for even 10 minutes, then consider the following: IBM and Amazon Web Services, two cloud companies that provide internet services to the US Federal Government, are required to have a 99.9% up time. 99.9% of uptime over one year still allows for 8.75 hours of downtime each year.

image of a 99% uptime badge

If you are using any streaming music service, it is virtually a foregone conclusion that your music uptime CANNOT reach 99.9%, because the music service can get interrupted every time the internet provider is out. Businesses are completely exposed whenever the internet connection, service provider, or the internet in general has an issue For example, a few weeks ago when a massive DDoS attack occurred against Spotify, and services like Spotify were basically unavailable for hours in one day — in that single day you could have fallen under 99.9% music uptime. Do you think you can count on your internet connection being so reliable that it will only be out for fewer than 8 hours in a year?

CUBE Responds like nobody else

Recently CUBE had an international client report a music outage. The venue was not playing music…or so we thought. The client reached out to their music provider, who filed a ticket with us in the first 10 minutes. Our team was able to diagnose in short order that the music library had erroneously added a small handful of songs into the CUBE delivery platform, with incorrect length tags: meaning these songs had a digital footprint of several hours. The CUBE was in fact “playing” the correct tracks, but after the song was over, it was like leaving an LP going long after it was finished. We helped the provider massage the tracks, do a system update to resolve any other issues and had the client back up in less than two hours.

image of a meter showing the high levels of service offered by CUBE
CUBE responds like nobody else

Could anyone else have done this?

We don’t believe so, since the CUBE platform has diagnostic capabilities that are unmatched in the industry. For example, if you are using a music service that runs as an app on your mobile device or computer, it would be impossible for the service provide to look directly inside that app while it’s busy running on your device, and figure out what is happening so quickly. With any other service provider, the time to resolve the issue would have been significantly longer, as they simply do not have the diagnostic capabilities that CUBE offers.

Did I mention this was on a weekend, and our upper technical management got involved in the heavy lifting? For that reason, if music uptime is important to you, there is really only one choice: CUBE.

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